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This is not an article about rebuilding your vacuum cleaner from the ground up or souping up the engine – as much fun as it might me, I do not recommend adding nitrous gas to your cleaning routine. (Yes, I have just been watching the Fast and the Furious.) This is more an article about proper vacuum maintenence – for proper performance, you need to keep your cleaner fighting fit and that will take a little bit of effort on your part. Still, it is well worth it in terms of performance.

Have you ever had this happen to you? You spot a piece of dirt – maybe paper – and run the vacuum over it, it doesn’t get picked up so you try again, then a few more times from several different angles. (Despite the fact that it would have been simpler to just pick it up.)

If it is a smaller piece of dirt and the cleaner is not able to pick it up, there may be a problem with a the roller in the cleaning swath, a choked filter or a vacuum bag that is to full. Regular maintenance can help minimize these possibilities. A few minutes before putting the cleaner away, will save you a lot of grief.

Start off by clearing out any dirt inside the machine – take the machine outside and open it out. If you have a vac bag, remove it and shake out the dust. If you have a canister vacuum, remove the canister and clear. Take a moist cloth and quickly wipe down the inside of the machine.

If you have a filter, remove it. Get rid of as much dirt as you can. Gently tapping the filter against something will dislodge most dirt. (Note, the operative word is gently! You do not want to damage the filter.)

Now check the machine’s hose and wand, if applicable – make sure that there are no blockages inside. Tap gently to dislodge any dust inside. Next up is the cleaning swath and brush.

Make sure that the rollers can move properly and that there is nothing entangled in them. It is surprising how strong long hair can be when it comes to creating a tangle. In need, cut away the mess so that the rollers can move freely again. Reassemble the machine and store carefully and you are all done. The main part of maintenance is keeping the machine clean – it really isn’t that tough.

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